We do not encourage “paper members” in the Space SIG – people who agree to become a member, but then do nothing.  We ask every member to actively contribute 2-5 hours per week in a specific role.  There are currently 300 potential roles in the Space SIG, identified below.  In order to achieve the vision we have currently identified for the Space SIG we need 300 active members.  One day we will grow beyond this to 500, 1000, and even more, but for today our goal is 300.

The 2006 movie, 300, was a successful blockbuster that fictionalized the Battle of Thermopylae, an ancient battle between the Greek and Persian Empires.  In this battle, King Leonidas led a small force including 300 Spartans against an overwhelming force of more than a hundred thousand Persians.  One of history’s most famous last stands, the battle is lauded as an example of what a small number of determined people can achieve and a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds.

300 is also a significant army in the Bible, particularly Judges chapters 7 and 8.  There, Gideon is leading an army against the Midianites.  God wants Israel to know that the battle will not be won on their strength, so God reduces the size of the Israelite army from 32,000 down to 300.  Ultimately, they destroy a Midianite force of 135,000.

Both "300" battles demonstrate for us that size should never limit ambition or vision.  Out of the ranks of African American professionals with relevant backgrounds in engineering, education, marketing, finances, event planning, and more, we call for 300 who are ready to stand with us and change the world.

We are SPARTA - Space Professionals Achieving Revolutionary Technology Advancements.  We are also GIDEON - Gifted Innovators Developing, Empowering, and Optimizing NSBE.  Join us today!


Training Presentation for Technical Project Teams


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