Welcome to the Space Special Interest Group (Space SIG) of the National Society of Black Engineers Professionals.  The Space SIG, established in the spring of 2005, has long prided itself in being NSBE Professionals' most active SIG.  We directly engage the Black community, both within and beyond the space profession, in technical aspects of human and robotic spaceflight.  We provide volunteer, independent space related research, youth outreach, and technical conferences and meetings.  We have partnerships or other working relationships with many of the nation's leading aerospace agencies and corporations as well as with a growing number of academic institutions.  We also collaborate with other SIGs on technical matters of importance to the Society as a whole. 

If you are employed within the nation’s space industry or have interest in the US space program we invite you to join the Space SIG and get involved by serving on one of our technical project teams, conference planning teams, or outreach project teams.  Exciting opportunities are available for both scientific and engineering professionals as well as for professionals in non-technical disciplines such as management, public relations, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, education, youth development, and more.

NSBE invites you to be part of the exciting space research conducted by the Space SIG.  Through these projects, NSBE serves as an enabling platform.  We offer a means to be involved in “cool”, interesting, and scientifically relevant research.  Participation also enables you to work alongside other Black space professionals in a context that builds mutual understanding of each others’ technical proficiencies.   The Space SIG also aids in your career development by building your professional reputation through conference publications, hardware and software demonstrations, and other engineering analysis or hardware development. 


Please note that general body meetings have been discontinued.  Member involvement should be through a project team or planning team.  Prior general body meeting notes are archived here.